All You Need To Know About Swiss Tents

Posted by Admin on January, 20, 2020

The Swiss tents, often termed as the cottage tents, were originally fabricated in the form of a tent suite especially for high ranked aristocrats. However, with changing preferences and trend of recent times, these tents are largely preferred for camping purposes. They can be found in places like resorts, hotels, lodges, farm houses, base camps, etc. Normally, a typical Swiss cottage tent comprises of a secured space where you can stay and spend some quality time during your adventure.

There are a number of sellers and agencies from whom you can easily get Swiss tent in Jaisalmer. These tents can n be v described as a shelter which consists of a number of fabric sheets or other such material draped over in layer and then attached to a fixed frame of poles. In some cases, it is also attached to the supporting rope for added strength. These tents can be either small or big, depending entirely on your requirements and preferences.

In the case of smaller tents, it can have either a free-standing structure or fixed and attached to the ground. The large tents are anchored using good quality, strong guy ropes that are tied to the stakes or the tent pegs. In earlier days, these types of tents were commonly used as a portable home by the nomads. However, now, these Swiss tents are commonly used for recreational camping and as temporary shelters.

History of Swiss Tents

The name teepee knew the first kind of widely used tents. These tents had a typical cone shape with a distinct smoke hole in the peak. It was commonly used by the Native American tribes and the Aboriginal Canadians of the Indian Plains. The use of these tents dates back to ancient times, somewhere around 10,000 years BCE to 4,000 BCE.

Types of Tents

There are different types of tents based on its design and size. Most of these tents own a bivouac structure, which is just big enough for a single person to sleep while a few areas huge as the circus tents which are capable of seating around thousands of people. You can easily get hold of good quality tents in Jaisalmer by searching for Find Swiss Tent in Sam Sand Dunes. They provide a variety of tents which can be used for recreational camping.

Well, these tents can be broadly divided into two categories. Some of these tents are intended for the backpackers who have small size and light weight. These tents are specially designed so that it can be carried for a long distance on the back without dealing with the pain do carrying something extremely heavy. It also makes travelling and trekking easy.

The second type of swiss tent is comparatively larger and can be easily carried on a car or other such vehicle. The size entirely depends on the number of people you are looking forward to fit in. These tents are specially used for desert camping as it allows a minimum of four to five person in a go.

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